Hidden chains

Confusing thoughts swirling,

Decisions to be made pending.

Why is it so difficult to choose?

Would it be easier it there were no choice?
Why does he linger over every thought?

Why does he influence a choice he is not part of?

Is it because he is?

Or is it because you cannot let go of him just yet?

Would you choose if differently if you hadn’t met?

Why do you compromise when you promised not to?

Why do you hesitate when only head forward you need to?

He” may be a man or a woman,

Or maybe a pet, a tree or possession. 

But He makes you hesitate anyway,

Trying to convince you to stay. 

Come with me dear,

Leave all thoughts behind. 

Whether He is man, woman, pet or possession,

He shouldn’t inhibit your accession. 

The world is your stage,

Your willpower and courage- your Mage. 

Unfurl the magic, let them hear your name;

Speak it with reverence, sing your fame. 

When you’re tired, stop and think of Him. 

And when you retire, when you finally return home. 

If He was yours to keep, you’ll find Him waiting.


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