Locked doors

I sit, here, outside an empty room. 

It’s door locked, it sneers at me. 

Will I ever get entry? 

Will I ever get to creep in?

Will it open up to me it’s secrets held within?

Pull out those keys; I know they are in your pocket. 

Unlock that room; let me in. 

Why give me an empty smile when I know that your wallet is full?

Why pretend like you don’t care when you do?

 Do you take me for a fool?

Open up that room, let me in. 

Why lock me out when there’s room for two within?

Are you scared of being hurt? 

Is that why you’d rather keep out?

But don’t you see how much you hurt me?

You lock me out in the cold, 

These thorns prickle at my feet, 

These empty smiles make me sigh in defeat. 

I feel I’m not good enough for you. 

But it’s you who isn’t good enough for me. 

So I’m going to leave. 

I’m going to put aside all the bullshit about destiny. 

The doors open up tentatively 

But it’s too late already. 

A cold wind blows by:

It’s lips whispering a silent goodbye. 


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