Words have power

Fueling smoke with more incense,

Or is that part of my soul, my essence?

I smell it burning, slowing dying,

But there isn’t much to do;

Am I really trying?

I thought it was a blade,

That would end my life. 

Or maybe a car crash,

Or cancer that would finally strike. 

Whatever it maybe be,

I knew it to be strong. 

How else could it end,

This life I wish to live long?

What a fool I was!

 To look out for rocks. 

They were what I expected 

To breaks this house of glass. 

What I didn’t think 

Was that I’m a creature of the night. 

And I could be hurt,

By something as soft as sunlight. 

It whispered to me, soft words:

Words that cut, words that burn. 

Strong I may have been;

But weak I was of heart. 

So simple words hurt me hard. 

Authors note:

The most powerful things in this world are words. 

They have the power to create and to destroy. 

They may build something as beautiful as a poem or they may destroy someone you love. 

Use them cautiously. 


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